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Posted Nov 21, 2001 at 2:34:52 AM
Subject: paper writing

Does anyone have a good set of strategies for writing papers???
Kind of an ABC, or 123 list to follow??
I am beating myself to a pulp everytime I do a paper. I love to research, that is not the problem--I probable have to much info.....and tend to be verbose in my writing...so, I am looking for some guidelines to use, so I don't always end up trying to finish at the last moment, because I have attempted to write to much!!! Besides, the profs don't want to read that much. Also strategies in organizing research--tricks to note taking--tricks to write the body of the text without beating myself up--though, I think I am a good writer--at least that is the feedback, but it is so tortorruous................................................
any help here is greatly welcome!!!!!!
Thank You

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Posted:Nov 23, 2001 5:29:16 PM

There are probably some good things on the web these days but in the old days there was a book by Sharon Sorenson that was a handy-dandy guide to writing a information paper/research paper. If you go to any library or amazon.com, it should still be available.

3x5 cards and writing notes on them is good trick that works for some.

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