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The Path to College Success: A Workshop for Students w/LD

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Posted Mar 23, 2002 at 4:49:23 PM
Subject: The Path to College Success: A Workshop for Students w/LD

June 23-28, 2002: Summer Transition Course at Brown University

One-week course is designed to help prepare high school juniors and seniors with a learning disability/ADHD/ADD for the challenges of a college curriculum and the skills required to succeed. Students will learn about 1) The academic demands of college and the skills necessary to achieve success 2) Questions to ask of Disability Support offices before, during, and after the transition from high school-to-college 3) Considerations of college selection, and 4) Self-advocacy skills. This will be a highly interactive course with a variety of hands-on learning and instructional methodologies. Study guides, tip sheets, resource lists, and planners will be provided to each student for use throughout the course. Small group activities, videos, internet searching, journal writing, class discussions, and one-to-one reflection and opportunity for individual questions will also be a part of this course. Please contact the Office of Summer Studies at Brown University for more information: Summer@Brown.edu (401) 863-7900

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