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Posted Jun 10, 2002 at 10:14:56 PM
Subject: As a general rule

I attended private university in the United States; I'm planning to apply to grad school there. There is just one thing that I do not understand. In their policies and procedures for students with disabilities it states"As a general rule, the University may not ask prospective students to identify whether that student has a disabling condition that may require some special accommodation. "

Isn't it illegal to ask a potential student or current student if they need special accommodation?

I also like to hear your opinions on" as a general role". I think the university is setting themselves up for lawsuit.

The second problem with the policies and procedures for students with disabilities is there's no mention of disability privacy or discrimination.

Doesn't that document need to include the rights of a disability students to their privacy and ,What they should do when they are being discriminated against?

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