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I am been unreasonable?

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Posted Sep 25, 2002 at 10:06:18 PM
Subject: I am been unreasonable?

I am been unreasonable?

I attend an MAIN extension campus for the university attending which has 28 classrooms , a small library, a large computer lab, two lounges, faculty offices, and admissions office/financial aid office, teacher credentialing office ,and a regional office. There also a small satellite campus with 7 classrooms, a very small admissions/financial aid office/reception area, a small-business office very small student lounge.

The problem I have been having is with Notes taking paper the university prints down at the headquartered campus the notes taking paper is NCR paper which the university prints line on the paper on both copies the problem is the lines on the first page do not one lines up on the second page. So if you are writing on the top page the line on the line second page goes through the of middle words.

My note taker and I have asked the university to officially change the notes taking paper with lines only on the first page and leave second page blank. To solve the problem. They have basically denied our request. I should say the ADA coordinator who haven't seen the problem has denied. Her response was just make photocopies.

Which would be fine at the small campus which has only 7 classrooms that would be fine we were told we would have to find the night staff member. Which we could do with a little bit of effort. And would be fine. At the main campus which has 28 classrooms we would have to locate night staff person. Which could be anywhere on the campus on the campus and the campus 28 classrooms to make photocopies. They told us to make arrangements with the night staff person but the night staff person doesn't even wanted to do it and are class get out between 9:30 and 10 the campus closes at 10:00.

Am I been unreasonable when I'm at main campus which has 28 classrooms to say that the university needs to provide proper note taking paper/NCR paper ?

Any advice would help!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all.

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Posted:Sep 26, 2002 11:47:55 PM

Hi all:

Let me try to answer everybody's questions in one response.

Yes, I do have this message across listed on three of the Board's; parents of LD , teachers of LD and postsecondary education. I did it on purpose so I would get various answers.

2) The library closes at 8:30 or 9 and would not be an option to get photocopies.

3) The line not lining up frankly depending on where the line is on the second page sometimes they are legible and you cannot read them. I have had the site director and the disability adviser at my site look at them and the director didn't really get it the problem and adviser said how long has been going on and I said three months that was back on April 1st he saw the problem.

4) One suggestion was justified to type them up . I already type my notes when I get home from class.

5) Someone suggested photocopy them the next time we have class. That won't work because at my private university their classes are four weeks long we tend classes two nights a week and 2 Saturday each four-week long section.

6) Someone said "Part of being in college student is learning how to figure way around the problem for your so instead of relying on other people to handle them." I have over 30 e-mails regarding this problem this is concurring since March. Frankly, I'm over my head and I needed help I thought a discussion board such as this one would be able to give me some advice. I'm a senior and I've never had one go on for such a long. I will be starting grad school there soon.

7) The lines don't line up on the second page... were they printed wrong?
It's both the first and second page that has been printed wrong. The way we can tell is there some little note working for the bottom of the paper and neither page there in the right position.
8) How about sending them back and asking for a new batch that lines up?
Yes, we have sent it back and asked for paper but it still doesn't line up every third piece is off. They printed paper in-house. The ADA Coordinator and the Vice President of Student Services have not seen what happens when you write on the paper. We haven't sent any down to them. Both are involved.

9) Regarding the nights the person it's just not practical to have to find this person or set a time to me are classes run late all the time and are classes let out early all-time. I have talked to the Site Director about the night person not wanting to make photocopies and he has spoken to the night staff member. But it did help with getting a last disturbing environment for my testing but it did not help copies. The the night staff person just very mean to mehe does want to do it the photocopies. Honestly if the paper had lined up it would be find with the lines on their. But the copies are cannot seem to get them lined up. That's why it seems like the best solution would be to remove the lines from the second page.

10) Regards to DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT. I have over 30 e-mails. I have seen the disability adviser at my campus 12 times since the paper's been such a problem. One note the disability adviser quit three weeks ago and things have gotten worse. The senior adviser was aware of the situation .But at the time was able to do much until something until change some things. Things got ugly a ago week the senior adviser was told something about my case again that I should been told but nobody told me. It wasn't the senior adviser's responsibility to tell me. It was the Dean responsibility to tell me. But since that has happened the senior adviser has been told he can tell me anything regards disability services and the site director has now made him my contact person instead of the site director for testing accommodations and note taking accommodations and I can go to the senior adviser first for anything regarding disability services. The senior adviser is really great and he understands the problem and he says there's a problem. But he has not seen the note taking paper so I have an appointment with him Wednesday. To discuss all matters and problems. There has been other problem. And the other problems have basically been solved. I am pretty much happy there. With the resolutions.

To me there's 2 problems the ADA coordinator and paper.

Perhaps I should mention the fact that I filed a complaint against the ADA coordinator in March via e-mail to the Vice President of Student Services charging her with an act of discrimination because my disability she was found guilty. Within less than two hours of filing a complaint. And had to publicly apologize to me and it was sent to all involved parties. That is the short story of the discrimination by the ADA coordinator.

If I miss anything please let me know that I will answer soon as I can. If there is any additional information I can provide please let me know.

Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for time taking to read.


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Posted:Sep 27, 2002 8:12:18 PM

What about if the note taker did the notes on a laptop and then emailed them to you when he/she got home. This would not work for math or other classes that require a lot of drawing for explaination.

I have a 9th grader who takes a laptop to school everyday and I know the pit falls we are running into (he needs to get studyguides/worksheets a day in advance to scan them in).


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