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Scholarship LD & 2 year school dilemma

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Posted Oct 02, 2002 at 8:40:53 PM
Subject: Scholarship LD & 2 year school dilemma

I am a senior in high school with LD and ADD. My future aspirations are to ether earn my Associate of Fine Arts Degree at the local community college in my county and then transfer to a four-year school or attain a Desktop Publishing Certificate there to meet the entry-level requirements in the field of desktop publishing. But when looking for scholarships they are mostly for people going to 4 year schools and people who have taken SAT, have taken foreign languages and they require there things. Even the Ann Ford Scholarship requires the SAT/ACT and other relevant test scores it but I am applying anyway. I mean it is for students with LD isn't it ???? I am gifted just in a different way. To illustrate, I have gotton my Girl Scout Gold Award etc. Any other sites other then ones like www.fastweb.com for scholarships ???

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Posted:Oct 07, 2002 9:40:37 AM

Hi, I am a mom of a bright l.d. son in high school, 9th grade. I don't have an answer to you question. But, I will do some research and get back with you in a day or so. Keep up the good work it will pay off. I admire you for advocating for yourself and looking for answers.. I am l.d. myself. Perserverance and not being afraid to ask for help have been great assets for me. If you can't find the answers in one place then move on to the next. This is where being L.D. is a great bootcamp for real life. There are alot of people who were the straight students in school, those that may not have to study as long and as hard as you do. But, you know somehting interesting happens when these same students graduate and hit obsticles in life. They may not have the fortitude, nor the experience with challenges that you probably deal with daily. There are hidden blessings to the way your mind works. These s so called L.D.S HAVE A STRANGE WAY OF TRANSFORMING INTO STRENGTHS LATER. .

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