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Woodcock Johnson SS Band Percentile?

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Posted Jul 31, 2002 at 9:06:55 PM
Subject: Woodcock Johnson SS Band Percentile?

I have recently received a woodcock johnson report with a column that has as its header: SS (95%) band....when I went back to the last Woodcock we received it had SS(68%) band.

Can someone please tell me what these bands are? I understand Standard Scores, I just cannot find any information about what the percentile bands are all about. THANKS!

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Posted:Aug 03, 2002 11:01:27 AM

Reliability pertains to getting the same results if the test were given again (different form so that couldn't be memorized.) The confidence bands in the WJ tests (and probably others) relate to reliability. If a test is 95% reliable, then the SS score could be plus or minus 5%. This band tells you that statistical range. It is about accuracy of statistics.

Without a PhD Psychology stepping up to bat, I'm not sure I can go any farther without digging into reference books. Time doesn't permit me to do that just now. I'm also not sure I could get it right without some other assistance.

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