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Posted Mar 23, 2003 at 12:12:10 PM
Subject: State Exams

Here's the situation I am a graduate student working on my teaching credential and masters at a private university in California .I have a profound case of Dyslexia.

Yesterday I went to take one of the state exams for my teaching credential. The exam was California's subject exam for teachers (CSET) in multiple subject means elementary education subjects. I had requested accommodations which I had been granted extra time , a reader, a scribe.

My first two accommodations were fine I received 11 hours instead of 5 hours to take the exam. The Proctor read each question to me. The problem arose with the third accommodations the scribe. I expect to have someone wright and do the spelling. I figured by would identify punctuation and paragraph. But I had to spell any word over one syllable. The main reason I got scribed was because of my mean problem is spelling.

I guess trying to ask what accommodations should I asking for to have the spelling not count?

I knew the answers to questions but I couldn't spell the words I needed to answer the question. There's no doubt in my mind that I failed the test.

Their is a non test option but that would mean about 18 months school in addition to the masters/credential which I have about 18 months left .I am receiving accommodations at my college. But it's only accommodations. Which is fine. I am doing well in my coursework. I am planning to talk to my admissions counselor on Monday about the non test option and explaining why I need to do that he is very understanding of the learning disability. He goes out of his way to make sure I am probably accommodated.

I am also going to call the testing administration for CSET to see what I can do about getting the spelling not to count.

I would rather take the CSET. I know I could do it if I did not have to do the spelling.

So if you have any suggestions that might help please let me know.

I would greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.


PS~I am crossposting this on postsecondary education and LD parents .

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Posted:Jun 09, 2003 11:15:59 PM

All I have to say is that I can feel your pain!! I have been trying to pass the PPST (for education) for the third time now. There are three parts. The math I passed the first time and the reading the second and now I am going to take the writing for the third time. I just have writers block and can't write an essay in thirty minutes. I have anxiety when it comes to writing and the pressure to write an essay in thirty minutes is something that I cannot do. I had to go through the testing so that I had recent documentation of having a learning disability and ADHD so now I can hopefully get double time. I am still waiting to hear from them. If I don't pass it this time then I am at school for another semester because I cannot take my last class and therefore I can't student teach until the test and class is completed. I wish you the best of luck and unfortunately I don't have any sggestions but to keep at it and be persistant and advocate for yourself.

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