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college for my l/d son

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Posted Mar 28, 2003 at 9:46:01 AM
Subject: college for my l/d son

My son is currently a freshman in high school. He has CAPD. He wants to go to college to design roller coasters. How do I go about finding the right college for him? You have all been so helpful in the past. thanks so much.

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Posted:Mar 29, 2003 10:05:22 PM

Welp, much depends on how he's preparing for this school. Does he have the aptitude *and* attitude for competitive engineering and/or architecture fields? Can't tell you how many LD kiddos want to be pilots or architects... but think that because their special ed math teacher says they are smart they'll do fine, and they get really mad when their placement tests put them in pre-college math -- so they quit. Once you decide to go into a competitive field the whole "it's our job to teach you" stuff goes right ouit the window, and it's the student's job to prove himself.
Unfortunately, lots of schools will be less than honest about things like how many people survive that freshman year, to get your tuition dollars.
How does he do on things like SATs? Some schools count them a lot, other schools don't.
How rigid is he in his thinking? ARe roller coasters what he wants to do this week... or could he recognize that a field like graphic design might satisfy his creative thirst? (Does he realize that designing the roller coasters would *not* involve riding them? Or perhaps he should be looking into a field like outdoor recreation...)

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