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assistive software for LDs

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Posted Apr 13, 2003 at 2:00:44 PM
Subject: assistive software for LDs

I've been looking at assistive software for LDs and trying demos, but before I buy I would like to find out what experiences others have had, and make sure I haven't missed a really good one.
I've tried:
---Kurzweil 3000
---CAST eReader
I've looked at the TextHelp products page, but didn't see a demo for any of their products. Anyone have comments about good or bad experiences with these? Features you liked or didn't like? User friendliness? Other products?

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Posted:Apr 13, 2003 3:08:36 PM

We've got TextHelp! in our computer lab in the Academic Development Unit at my college. It was specifically designed with dyslexia in mind -- this means it doesn't have as many features that would be important for folks with visual handicaps, but it's integrated into Word so there's a bit less of a learning curve and you can learn to use one feature at a time.
Is this for an individual or for a computer lab situation?
When I got the TextHelp the guys at assistivetechnologies.com were more than willing to provide help setting up & training, tho' I didn't need it. I'd get in touch with 'em and see if they can get you a demo.

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