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It's not all bad

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Posted Dec 02, 2002 at 5:59:07 AM
Subject: It's not all bad

I wanted to tell you that since I have got to know that my daughter as a LD, I am almost sure I stuggled at school with a LD, but I got there in the end, and I'm diagoised as dyslixic.
I look at my daughter and I think I had a LD but I have my strenghs and weaknesses. I actually did really well to get to where I am now. I guess I am saying is we all can get to that place of reading and writing, I have descided that I'll be glad if my daughter can come out of school and read and write, understand abit about the world if she can cope with anything more I will be over the moon.
Having my daughter has helped me understand myself.
Take Care

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Posted:Dec 02, 2002 7:24:20 AM

<HTML>Hi Liz,

Kudos to you for what you have done and it sounds like your daughter is lucky to have a mother like you who is so caring. Just a few words of caution though and I don't mean to be the voice of doom and gloom as I despise those folks also. But I also don't go for the rose colored glasses position either which I don't feel you are doing by the way.

LD and Dyslexia are not one of the same which seems to be inferred constantly on many LD Boards. As someone who has NLD along with Dyslexia, I can tell you that that there are many other issues besides reading and writing that can derail you.

I just think that too many people make the mistake by thinking that if they can overcome their difficulties, everyone else should be able to. But you may be comparing apples to oranges.

Even if someone has a non verbal learning disability like I do, it would be wrong for me to say that just because I learned how to deal with a problem, they should be able to also because everyone is affected differently and might not have had the advantages that I did.

Please understand I am not inferring that people with Dyslexia have it easier than folks with other LDs. I admit I used to believe that but realized my thinking was wrong after reading Veronica Crawford's Book, "Taming the Hidden Monster".

What I think would be helpful Liz is for you to elaborate on how you were able to get to that place of reading and writing. Was there a specific program you used or any tricks? Like I previously mentioned, just because something worked for you doesn't mean it will work for me but you never know what tip might unlock the logjam that we find ourselves in as adults with LD.


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