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Conference in Orlando

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Posted Dec 03, 2002 at 12:14:09 PM
Subject: Conference in Orlando

<HTML>The ATA conference will be held in Orlando, Florida, in January.
Here is a partial listing of speakers and topics.
Brain Research and links to Literacy:
Dr. Martha Burns will share compelling fMRI studies on children and adults with LD.
Audiological Deficits and Learning
Dr. Charles Berlin will identify causes and interventions for at-risk learners.
Dr. Dan Diamond will review learning issues that share common characteristics of depression diagnosis and treatment .
Like Sound Through Water,
Dr. Karen Foli will share her son’s struggle with auditory and communication difficulties.
Improvements in the Writing Process:
Dr. Charyl Tabscott will share the process that will inspire even reluctant writers!

For information: www.americanteacher.org</HTML>

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