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My only disability is living in a world that doesn’t underst

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Posted Dec 06, 2002 at 6:49:33 PM
Subject: My only disability is living in a world that doesn’t underst

My only disability is living in a world that doesn’t understand the dyslectic mind!

Freaks from Freakville

I hope you’re amused by the words that you read.
It’s a story of freaks! A whole Different Breed.
Where do they live?
Why, they live all around us!
They drive cars and airplanes and ride on the bus.
Some build space ships, they’re movie stars too, Presidents, teachers what can we do? Lawyers, doctors and folks with degrees, all Freaks from Freakville Just wait you’ll see.

A long time ago when I went to school I was a strange little fish in an unhappy pool!
I tried to swim like the rest of the sea but I knew deep inside this just wasn’t me.
Off to the doctor shop to test out my brain.
You know I thought they thought I was insane.
My IQ is broken It’s running too high.
But I am not hyperactive nor am I Shy.
I’m clever and funny and utterly bold.
I could have been rich. If I just fit the mould

Now there are three Freaks in Freakville, as you can see.
All just as weird and wonderful as their Mom Me
We have heaps of trouble telling the time
Like numbers and letters they’re out of our mind
Waiting to flip them and flop them and then turn them around and do it again
Spelling - don’t go there how can we be wrong?
When we know all the music to every new song!
All our forwards are backwards.
So that reading’s a chore.
But we can tell incredible stories for hours or more

Now you don’t have pictures
But we still have text
It’s what makes us look like we are complete nervous wrecks!

Take the word bad
What do you see?
That is of course if you’re not Dyslexic like me
I learn with my eyes

And it’s not a surprise to find out intelligence is not compromised
Yet the part of our minds that helps use to read Is traveling around at unbelievable speed.

But the cool thing about all these strange goings-on
Is it makes us creative and different and strong.
For now and forever I hope you agree To:
And see the real ME


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