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Born to be wild

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Posted Oct 31, 2002 at 1:31:24 PM
Subject: Born to be wild

I am a mother with a 26 year-old college graduate who I feel has adhd. I was concerned in high school and had the teachers fill out a form. Because she is so likeable, I think their responses came back too positive so she was unable to get services. When she went to college she had difficulty maintaining a c average, but did in fact graduate. She was fired from her first job after college because of losing some important documents that were later found on her desk. Her new job seems to be going well and requires more moving around and changing pace. She's living at home now, but will be moiving out for the second time into a new apartment. In an area that I think is not very safe. She loves to be constantly on the go. She works all day and socializes every night. I can't keep up with her crazy schedule. If she has an empty night she asks me to go out for dinner and to the show. I jump at the invitation. She is totally disroganized and her room can be difficult to walk through. I've purchased 3 ring notebooks to organize her very important papers and mail. She works with new plans for awhile and then slips into old behaviors. My biggest concern is her safety. She is impulsive and is up for anything. She emphatically states that she doesn't want to be married for years. She attracts attention easily because she is very attractive and outgoing. She has had many boyfriends but gets anxious when they get serious. Are there any Moms or adults that can offer any words of advice or encouragemnet.

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Posted:Nov 26, 2002 6:23:15 PM

There has been a lot of advancement with women/girls with ADD/ADHD. If your library has the book, read Women/Girls with ADD/ADHD (I believe that is the title). I am a mother with ADHD and have 2 girls ages 12 (ADHD) and 14 (ADD). I have the same problem with people relating to my 14 year old daughter. I have spend the last 2 years searching for a phychologist in my rural county that will talk about ADD/ADHD or even understand it. But today I finally found one and she herself is ADHD. She is going to help me with coping with the disorganizing, etc... I do remember when I was in my early 20s - I changed jobs or got fired, I worked 2 jobs, played and slepted only 4 hours. So I understand what your daughter is doing. Committment issues may be a different problem - something that may have scared her off once in her past. She is still young and has lots of time left to get married.

I would really start with reading the book I talked about to get a better perspective, it really opened my eyes. You will understand ADD/ADHD and how good we really are! It took me having my second child to figure out what was wrong with me and many years later to find a professional to help me. Now that your daughter is an adult, the best thing you can do is understand the disorder and try to find out where it comes from - since it's genetic. And if she is perceptive, have her read that book as well! She may then want to be evaluated by a professional and if medication is warranted - it could change her life.

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