Adults with LD or ADHD

You Know Your ADD When

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Posted:Oct 08, 2004 1:20:46 PM

Okay, I read the very first post then decided (half way throug) that i need to go buy a microwave right away. I so relate to many of these things

You have unfinished projects all over the house.

I mean all done except for a face plate on an outlet.

I built an addition with basement and porch on our house while completing my Masters degree and working a full time job this before I new I had ADD, but I told my advisor for the course to hang with me cause it took 20 years to finish my bachelor's degree. I finished the degree but don't use it now, I finished the addition but each room has an unfinished piece of trim or faceplate or something. I'm in a different job but have trouble doing my work for answering emails and getting on intereesting sites like this one.

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Posted:Oct 08, 2004 5:49:31 PM

Leaving the house for a family trip, my brother age five and me age three. My father said "Is everyone ready?" and brother answered "No, Mommy hasn;t even started looking for her purse yet."

In a store, me age seven, the salesclerk asked mother for her phone number, and she turned to me and asked "What's our phone number?"

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Posted:Jan 01, 2005 9:22:36 PM

You know you're ADD when...

You sort through which post to read by determining if it's too long for you to make it through

You realize that what you just said really makes no sense to anyone else around you but makes perfect sense to you

When you feel motivated enough to clean, you make your roommate designate small tasks for you to tackle one at a time

i dunno..and other stuff... damn there went my mind again :-) hehe

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Posted:Feb 01, 2005 8:09:39 PM

Heeheeheehee! My boyfriend and I are only in our early 20s and we sometimes have what I call "senior moments" even though we're nowhere near that age. He went into his basement for something only to find out that he was halfway (or all the way) down the stairs and he didn't know what he came down there for! I tend to do similar things and usually some association will make me remember, but it really drives me nuts sometimes. I can get forgetful even if I remember my pills, which I almost always do. Oh man, what'll we be like when we get old?

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Posted:Jul 04, 2005 5:26:57 PM

You know you're ADD when:

&gt;you are doing a master's thesis on ADD, but don't finish on time!

&gt;no matter how hard you try, for the life of you, can't pay bills on time.

&gt;you live in a rats nest, because organizing seems like hell on fire

&gt;you haven't worked in 3 years, because you know eventually you'll get reprimanded or fired; always late, your fate in ineviteable, so it seems

&gt;you have 3 friends and none of them call- talking to you is like picking up radio signals in space

&gt;for today's meal: end of a loaf of bread, microwaved hotdog, and water

&gt;lost the gas cap 4 times in one month

&gt;playing on team sports: off in your own contrived league in a made up sport; you aren't sure why everyone is yelling at you to focus: focus Daniel-son

&gt;you love playing with fire (wait, maybe that's just me)

&gt;you can spend all day on-line, watching bad movies, and forgetting to eat, but you can't do one thing that produces beneficial results

&gt;you constantly make lists, detailing what to do tomorrow- then you forget where you put the list, rendering yourself helpless: back to the tv

&gt;memorizing things for exams is nearly impossible

&gt;you are slow to move and talk, however inside you feel like a hampster on a treadmill

&gt;oh sh#!, that bill was due yesterday! How many $'s in late fees/month?

&gt;when you are a guy and your guy friends break up with you, you know you have ADD! Trust me. you said something impulsively that was stupid

&gt;you have been dumped more times than yesterday's garbage

&gt;being in a noisy room makes you feel like you are in the monkey cage at the city zoo.

&gt;being called on in class: anxiety of being chosen and trying so hard to focus leads you to concentrate on nothing but the pounding of your own heart, sweat glands, facial blushing, the girl next to you, the heater, that bird chirping outside, all that peripheral movement, the way your teacher's hair is parted, the kid that farted, what's for lunch?, that dream last night was cool (what was it again?), oh please don't call on me!!

&gt;Driving: A) you don't know how you arrived at destination. B) you are an anal checker of speed, mirrors, etc. because of extra adrenaline C) you can't follow verbal directions past, "turn right!" D) you really suck and shouldn't be on the road.

&gt;Today you had big plans, but like many days, you turn on the computer and all hell breaks loose.

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Posted:Jan 15, 2006 12:19:30 AM

ahhhh, is this going to the right place??? :S :S i hope so heehe.
umm, when you watch the 'fast' version of movies on dvd and things.. coz you can't stand now knowing what happens next. fast forward :D woohoo. and you probably k now about as much as you would have if you saw the whole thing.. not much. and when you have to look further in a book in case you can find out quicker what happens.

you put things in your shoes which of course you don't hav time to put on till you get in the car, so that you don't forget them. and then realise later that there are random items in your shoes which you have to extract embarrassingly in public coz they become painful.

aaand you get sick really quickly of writing a post hehehehe. can't hink of andyhing else :D sryyy

this might possibly end up in the right place, thread maybe..

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Posted:Apr 06, 2006 2:34:53 PM

You might be ADD if:

You look at your oldest child and spit out all 3 siblings names before she says "Cayla, mom"

You look at your oldest child and call her by your own name... (sigh...)

You laughed so hard at these posts you had tears pouring down your face and thought you might wet yourself...

Still have to pee so bad you're wiggling in your chair but can't go until you read ALL the posts and add yours!

Nice thread... I gotta run!! :shock:

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