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Making New Friends--discussion group

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Posted Jul 28, 2003 at 9:51:55 PM
Subject: Making New Friends--discussion group

Hi, my name is Josh. I am a 20 year old student who has learning

It is hard to find others like me to discuss things with and be
friends. I would like to start a discussion group for people with
learning disabilities, and who have a hard time making friends,
18 years old or older.

The first topic I would like people to discuss is the different ways
we have tried to make friends. Have you joined groups, or gone
on trips, or something else? Was it good or bad? Did it disappoint
you or was it successful?

Let me hear from you...and hopefully we can create a steady
discussion group.


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Posted:Jul 29, 2003 2:00:43 AM

Josh, the internet would be a great resource! There are groups all over on the net on learning disabilities, you can maybe find people for a group this way.

Quite a long time ago, I was involved with a group for ld adults (though it wasn't primarily a social group, we did lots of more action oriented things but we made friendships together). That group is defunct, but you may be lucky enough to find one already going. I can't remember how I found these people but it was more or less dumb luck.

Later when I did have net access and found out I am more on the autistic spectrum, I found a group ANI (Autism Network International). This is a very active group and even has a retreat every year in upstate NY.

I wish you luck (you might try contacted ANI. You can say that des sent you and that you want to know how to start a ld group. I think someone named Jim S would help you.)


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Posted:Sep 22, 2005 10:50:07 PM

i am also a 20yr old university study who has had trouble making friends closer to my own age.
i agree that a special forum would be a good idea and this can help individuals like ourselves find friendships that last

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Posted:Mar 10, 2009 1:17:41 AM

Hi Josh!

I'm Jane, a 2nd year college student taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education.

You mind if I answer your post?
Anyway, I think this will be a good start for you. I think you shouldn't be isolating yourself in just knowing people who have LD.

I would like to be your friend if you like. In case you would accept me as your friend, this would be my first time to have a friend who has LD. So I'm really glad to listen and discuss with you things you want to share.

You know what, even if I'm a normal person i still find it hard to discuss things with other people because they might not understand me. But then, there's no harm in trying. ^^ right?

Just don't let your disability hinder all the things that you want to do. Because you might just surpass your limitations and it might turn out to be your advantage. Also try to reach out to other people, not all people are the same. 

And I think discussion group would a good idea to start with.

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Posted:Sep 12, 2009 8:15:26 PM

Just a thought, besides looking for other people with same problems, look for people with same interests. If you are biking, kayaking or bowling, the conversation will be easier, because it has a focus. Just a thought, good luck

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Sara Khan
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Posted:Apr 02, 2010 6:23:33 AM

Great Idea for creating a discussion and social group.

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