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Posted Sep 24, 2003 at 3:33:56 PM
Subject: social skills groups

I am a social work intern at an elementary school. I am trying to put together a social skills group for kids with Asperger's. I was looking for topic suggestions and how to map out each session. Thanks!

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Posted:Sep 27, 2003 8:50:59 AM

I'm not sure where you are but there's a remarkable woman in Newtown Square, PA who runs such a group called Collage. I believe she's written some articles and books about her methods and plans and know she has also developed a training program for interns.

Maybe check out if she has a website - she's an occupational therapist by background. Check out Collage or give Messiah Lutheran Church in the same town a call as she rents space from them for her program.

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