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Reach more than 200,000 parents and professionals each month

Since 1996, LD OnLine has been the number one source of trusted information for parents and professionals. In fact, more people visit LD OnLine than any other Web site on learning disabilities and ADHD.

The majority of the 200,000 people who visit LD OnLine every month are parents looking for help for their children. By placing an ad on LD OnLine's Yellow Pages, you'll reach this targeted, motivated audience with information on your service or product.

Only $275 a year!

An ad costs less than a dollar a day – only $275 per year. That's far less than advertising in a phone book, magazine, journal, or exhibiting at a conference. With one referral from LD OnLine, you can more than make up for the cost of your ad.

A powerful way to find you

LD OnLine's Yellow Pages gathers in one place the services and products people are looking for. Featuring powerful search capabilities, it gives users a fast and easy way to find you by city, state, service, specialty, and more.

It takes just a few minutes

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