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Attention Deficit Disorders and Gifted Students: What Do We Really Know?

“Gifted” and “ADHD” used to be consider mutually exclusive, but researchers have realized the two can coexist. And when they do, misdiagnosis often occurs; typically a gifted student is mistakenly identified as ADHD. But the other misdiagnosis occurs as well; the ADHD of a gifted child is ignored. But once identified as LD and gifted, what happens? Learn more about the situation as well as possible actions.
That's Like Me

Bridging My Two Worlds

Jill Lauren’s That’s Like Me! is a book about 15 students with disabilities who face challenges in school but express their creativity and talents through hobbies. In the foreword, excerpted here, children’s book illustrator Jerry Pinkney describes growing up with two personas: Jerry the gifted artist and Jerry the struggling reader.

Counseling Needs of Academically Talented Students with Learning Disabilities

Recent research on academically talented students with learning disabilities indicates that they have specific counseling needs that often are not addressed in elementary and secondary school. This article looks at what kinds of support students with this profile need, and how school counselors can provide it.

Dual Exceptionalities

Gifted students with disabling conditions remain a major group of underserved and understimulated youth (Cline, 1999). In order for these children to reach their potential, it is imperative that their intellectual strengths be recognized and nurtured, at the same time as their disability is accommodated appropriately.

Gifted but Learning Disabled: A Puzzling Paradox

How can a child learn and not learn at the same time? Why do some students apply little or no effort to school tasks while they commit considerable time and effort to demanding, creative activities outside of school? These behaviors are typical of some students who are simultaneously gifted and learning disabled.

Gifted Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

In the ongoing dialogue about ADHD in gifted children, three questions often arise. Are gifted children over-diagnosed with the disorder? In what ways are gifted ADHD children different from gifted children without the disorder and from other ADHD children? Does the emerging research suggest any differences in intervention or support?

Gifted Children with Learning Disabilities: A Review of the Issues

Many people have difficulty comprehending that a child can be gifted and also have learning disabilities. As a result, children with special needs that result from both their high abilities and their learning problems are rarely identified and are often poorly served.

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