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The Importance of Reading Widely

Do often find yourself lugging home a mountain of library books for your kids? We thought so. Did you know that kids encounter new vocabulary, ideas, and worlds just by reading different genres? Many of these genres complement traditional fiction. Find out how you can expose the burgeoning young readers in your life to a wider variety of books! We'll show you where to start.

What's New

Summer Reading Strategies for Children with Dyslexia

As a parent, you play a critical role in your child's education during the summer — especially if your child has dyslexia. Without your help, kids are less likely to remember what they learned last year. In this article, you'll find summer strategies to help your child with dyslexia retain what they learned in school, and see how reading can be useful and enjoyable.

Choosing a Book in the Comfort Zone

Reading in the "comfort zone" means that students read well enough to understand a text. Here's a simple technique that students can use to find out whether a book is right for them.

High/Low Books

High interest/low reading level books can motivate struggling readers by providing books on topics that their peers are reading, but targeted toward their reading level. These books can help build reading fluency, vocabulary, background knowledge and interest in reading. Discover recommended high/low books, as well as links to publishers who offer a wide range of titles.

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"Aiming for Access" with June Behrmann

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More Highlights

Expert Advice: How Can I Help My Child Focus on Reading?

Question: My child can focus on sophisticated computer programs, Photoshop projects, and videos without a problem, but when confronted with reading assignments, he blanks out after 15 minutes. How can I help him focus when reading?

Answer: To help a child focus on text-only activities, you can encourage the development of strategies that change information presentation from text into a format that is easier to process. For instance, …(read more)

Glossary Term: Developmental Spelling

The use of letter-sound relationship information to attempt to write words (also called invented spelling).

Learning Store Resource: Tales2Go: Streaming Audio Books Mobile App

This Parents' Choice Gold Award-winning mobile app gives teachers and parents instant and unlimited access to over 1,500 audio stories from leading publishers and storytellers to play on Apple iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches — in the classroom, at home, in the car or on the go.

Stories include favorites like Clifford and Curious George, popular series such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Ivy and Bean, or How to Train Your Dragon, and even classics like Treasure Island, and Swiss Family Robinson.

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Sunset in Maine

Today's Artist

Sunset in Maine, by Rebecca, age 11

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Today's First Person Essay

Robert Rauschenberg by Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg's works now hang in major art galleries and museums all over the world. When he was in school his success would not have been predicted. Rauschenberg has dyslexia...

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