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All About Learning Disabilities and ADHD

LD OnLine knows that there are many different ways to learn, and having the right tools at school and at home can change everything. Explore our resources and help every child reach their full potential.

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An upset child in the supermarket

Behavior & Social Skills

Improving Your Child’s Behavior in Public Settings

Help your child behave properly in public settings. Meet the five basic physical needs that keep them calm. Community excursions, such as trips to the mall and your house of worship, are challenging for children with learning disabilities.

Nonverbal LD

Developing an Educational Plan for the Student with NLD

The typical school campus presents students with multiple, constantly changing challenges every day. For the child with nonverbal learning disorders (NLD) these demands can prove to be totally overwhelming and may appear insurmountable at times. 

More Highlights

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Reading & Dyslexia

Portraits of Struggling Readers

You may have a child in your life who isn’t as successful with reading as you think he or she could be. The challenge is that not all reading difficulties look the same, and not all reading difficulties should be addressed in the same way.

Two kids looking at a tree in the snow

Behavior & Social Skills

The Christmas Lesson

This is a true story and I believe that its message is an important one. Although the setting is Christmas, it is not truly a Christmas story. Rather it is a story of love, of giving, and of family.

Illustration of bears reading

Reading & Dyslexia

The Use of Context Cues in Reading

When children encounter an unfamiliar word in reading, they may make use of context cues, that is, information from pictures or from sentences surrounding the unknown word.

Contributions From You

Struggling With a World of Numbers

James Kences

When I began to experience serious problems with math, I was removed from the gifted class and placed in a lower level. From that point on my father was determined that I become proficient in arithmetic. Unfortunately, his efforts failed…

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LD OnLine is made possible by a generous grant from

National Education Association (NEA)
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