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All About Learning Disabilities and ADHD

LD OnLine knows that there are many different ways to learn, and having the right tools at school and at home can change everything. Explore our resources and help every child reach their full potential.

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About LD

Achieving Good Outcomes in Students with Learning Disabilities

A long line of research in psychology has focused on concepts of risk and resilience. This work studies youngsters who are at risk for a variety of reasons and the factors that seem to enable some at-risk children to do well in the face of adversity. 

More Highlights

A teacher taking a selfie with his students.

Classroom Management

The Teacher’s Role in Developing Social Skills

Playing with friends is a daily ritual for most children. But kids with learning disabilities are often isolated and rejected. Their problems making and keeping friends are compounded by their poor social skills.

A female math teacher demonstrating at the chalkboard

Math & Dyscalculia

Components of Effective Mathematics Instruction

Less is known about the components of effective mathematics instruction than about the components of effective reading instruction, because research in math is less extensive than in reading.

Contributions From You

Finding My LD Pride!

Liz Bogod

I offer my story to other LD children, youth and adults, in the sure knowledge that, if they can come to the realization of their own true abilities and shed the sense of shame which all too often leaves LD people feeling dumb, stupid and altogether incapable.

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LD OnLine is made possible by a generous grant from

National Education Association (NEA)
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