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For Educators

Whether you’re a general or special education teacher, principal, specialist, or paraprofessional, you play a vitally important role in helping children with learning disabilities achieve their full potential. LD OnLine has gathered the following resources to assist you in your important job!

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Instructional strategy

Differentiating instruction

The following are articles for educators on how to differentiate instruction in the classroom so all students can learn.

Instructional strategies

Top articles

Teaching & Instruction

ADHD: Building Academic Success

Many children labeled at-risk — including those disabled by Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) — fail to thrive, or even survive, in current school environments.

Teaching & Instruction


The following articles provide information on instructing adolescents who have learning disabilities or ADHD.


Special Ed requirements

The following resources provide information for educators on some of the issues surrounding the requirements in teaching students with IEPs or 504 plans.

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ADHD Basics

Learn more about ADHD and what you can do to help children and adults with ADHD achieve their full potential.

About LD

LD Basics

Learn more about LD and what you can do to help children achieve their full potential.

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