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Teacher reading to group of kids

Language and reading skills

The following articles, expert answers, and books provide information on how to teach vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and other language and reading skills to students with learning disabilities or ADHD.

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Teaching & Instruction

Components of Effective Reading Instruction

There is no single “best” program for teaching reading. However, scientific investigators agree about the need for instruction to address certain key abilities involved in learning to read.

Teaching & Instruction

Beginning Reading

How to teach reading has been the subject of much debate over the years. One reason may be because, to the reading public, reading seems to be a fairly easy and natural thing to do.

Teaching & Instruction

When Older Students Can’t Read

Both students and educators become frustrated when students beyond 3rd grade display reading difficulties. These research-based reading strategies can build a foundation for reading success in students of all ages.

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Reading Instruction That Works: The Case for Balanced Teaching

Reading Instruction That Works: The Case for Balanced Teaching

Michael Pressley, Richard L. Allington
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Words Fail Me: How Language Works and What Happens When It Doesn't
Beyond Baby Talk: From Sounds to Sentences, A Parent's Complete Guide to Language Development
Teaching Students with Language and Communication Disabilities
Vocabulary Handbook

Vocabulary Handbook

Linda Diamond, Linda Gutlohn

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