Celebrity Quiz

See if you can match the following personal description to the names below:

  • a. Albert Einstein
  • b. Walt Disney
  • c. Nelson Rockefeller
  • d. F.W. Woolworth h. Tom Cruise
  • e. Winston Churchill
  • f. Hans Christian Anderson
  • g. George Patton
  1. As a child he was labeled as slow. He clerked in a village grocery store. He suggested putting slow- moving merchandise on a counter and selling it for five cents. This venture was so successful that it was continued with new goods. He became the principal founder of a chain of five and ten cent stores.
  2. When he was 12 years- old, he could not read, and he remained deficient in reading all his life. However, he could memorize entire lectures which was how he got through school. He became a famous general during WW II.
  3. He was slow in school work and did not have a successful school experience, but later became a well- known movie producer and cartoonist.
  4. This noted Englishman had much difficulty in school. He later became a national leader and an English Prime Minister.
  5. This young boy had difficulty reading but was able to write some of the world's best loved stories.
  6. This boy could not talk until the age of four. He did not learn to read until he was nine. His teachers considered him to be mentally slow, unsociable and a dreamer. He failed the entrance examination for college. Ultimately, he developed the theory of relativity.
  7. He is a famous movie star. He learns his lines by listening to a tape. He suffers from dyslexia.
  8. This young man had much difficulty reading and throughout his life was unable to read well. However, he was the governor of the state of New York for four terms and later won congressional approval to be appointed vice president of the United States.

Answers to the Celebrity Quiz

1. d, 2. g, 3. b, 4. e, 5. f, 6. a, 7. h, 8. c.

The source of this quiz is unknown. It was reproduced from Take A Walk In My Shoes - A Guide Book for Youth on Diversity Awareness Activites by Yuri Morita, June 1996. The guide may be purchased for $10.00 from the Office of Affirmative Action, Division of Agriculture & National Resources, University of California, 300 Lakeside Drive, 6 th Floor, Oakland, California 94612-3560. Phone 510/987-0096.