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Letter from a Parent

By: Cathy Gibbs

The important role of parents

Cathy Gibbs believes that forming a partnership with parents is very important to the success of special education students. Contact with parents establishes a connection that lets parents know you want to work with them to ensure their children's success.

From the Principal's desk

This message was delivered in the fall by the mother of one of our special education students…

Dear Parents,

As the parent of a learning disabled student, I want to share my experiences with you. Sometimes I would be very unhappy with my son. He would not attend classes and would not complete his assignments. We always seemed to be arguing over his school work. Since my son has been in the Special Education program at Central Commerce and since I met his special education teacher, things have changed drastically, for the best. The Special Education classes are very helpful to students. Ms Gibbs helped my son. I have met other kids in the some position who have also been helped. If it wasn't for her hard work and support my son would not be in his final year now and about to graduate. My advice to you is to be positive, and always be in touch with the teacher and it is important that the teachers stay in touch with you too. Don't forget that the teachers need your help and support too.

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