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Matt Cohen, Esq.

Each month, special education lawyer Matt Cohen answers selected questions from the LD OnLine community regarding legal issues for people with learning disabilities.

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Important note: The information in this section is provided as general feedback and should not be construed as legal advice. All feedback is provided based on federal law. In some instances, state laws or regulations may differ from federal law and/or be more useful to parents. Any persons with concerns about their child's education is encouraged to seek knowledgeable consultation from a special education attorney in your state. Unfortunately, because of the time delay in receiving questions, it will not always be possible to respond to questions in a time sensitive manner.

About Matt Cohen


Matthew Cohen is a founding partner in the Chicago firm, Matt Cohen & Associates LLC. Currently admitted to practice in Illinois, his practice is concentrated in representation of children and families in special education and discipline disputes with public schools. He also has extensive experience in mental health and confidentiality law, representing many mental health providers and agencies. Mr. Cohen frequently litigates special education matters in the federal courts, and has represented hundreds of families in special education disputes. He lectures on special education, mental health and confidentiality issues throughout the United States and publishes frequently on these topics. He is a legal commentator for LDOnline and a periodic columnist for Attention Magazine. He is an adjunct faculty member at Loyola University School of Law. He is the former President of National CHADD, has chaired the Illinois Attorney General's Committee on Special Education for many years, and is involved in a wide variety of other volunteer activities. He is a graduate of Grinnell College and the University of Minnesota Law School.

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