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Back-to-School Tips for Special Education Teachers

Along with new smiling faces, a new school year brings special education teachers new IEPs, new co-teaching arrangements, new assessments, and more. In order to help you be as effective as you can with your new students, we've put together our top 10 list of back-to-school tips that we hope will make managing your special education program a little easier.

What's New

Strategies to Support Reading Aloud for Your Students with Dyslexia

Their peers often know how much students with dyslexia dread reading aloud in front of others, and hopefully teachers do, too. If not, many experts in dyslexia advise educators across the curriculum to avoid putting these students on the spot and, moreover, to give them opportunities to rehearse if they accept the challenge or volunteer to read in front of a partner or group. Sample the teacher tips in this blog post.

Back-to-School Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs

A new school year means a new grade, new teachers, new goals, and maybe even a new school! In order to help you and your child with special needs be as successful as you can be, we've put together a list of eight helpful back-to-school tips that we hope will make the transition into a new school year a little easier for you and your child.

Back-to-School Countdown: A 4-Week Plan to Get Ready

Start the new school year off right! There's a lot going on—and a lot to keep track of. Download this one-month planner, which has daily tips to get your child with learning and attention issues ready for going back to school. From our partner, Understood.org

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"Aiming for Access" with June Behrmann

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More Highlights

Ask the Tech Expert: What reading technology tools and supports are effective for students who struggle with reading?

Dr. Tracy Gray of the American Institutes for Research shares powerful ways to help you become an informed consumer of technology tools and resources, includingTechMatrix and PowerUp WHAT WORKS. TechMatrix matches technology tools with supporting literature on promising practices for reading instruction for students with disabilities.

Glossary Term: Developmental Spelling

The use of letter-sound relationship information to attempt to write words (also called invented spelling).

Learning Store Resource: Tales2Go: Streaming Audio Books Mobile App

This Parents' Choice Gold Award-winning mobile app gives teachers and parents instant and unlimited access to over 1,500 audio stories from leading publishers and storytellers to play on Apple iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches — in the classroom, at home, in the car or on the go.

Stories include favorites like Clifford and Curious George, popular series such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Ivy and Bean, or How to Train Your Dragon, and even classics like Treasure Island, and Swiss Family Robinson.

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Sunset in Maine

Today's Artist

Sunset in Maine, by Rebecca, age 11

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Today's First Person Essay

Robert Rauschenberg by Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg's works now hang in major art galleries and museums all over the world. When he was in school his success would not have been predicted. Rauschenberg has dyslexia...

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