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Kids' Art

Accessible Formats

For children with print-based reading disabilities, accessible formats provide alternate versions of print-based books that function in much the same way as a print-based textbook. Learn about the different kinds of accessible formats, including digital talking books, enlarged text, electronic publications, and more.

What's New

Free Technology Tools for Building Academic Vocabulary

Sit in on a Professional Learning Community as three teachers research best practices and tools for teaching academic vocabulary. Each teacher utilizes a different strategy — context clues, semantic mapping, and word analysis — over a three-week period.

Multisensory Teaching Strategies

Multisensory teaching is effective for all students. It means presenting all information to students via three sensory modalities: visual, auditory, and tactile. Visual presentation techniques include graphic organizers for structuring writing and pictures for reinforcing instruction. Auditory presentation techniques include conducting thorough discussions and reading aloud. Tactile presentation techniques include manipulating blocks and creating paragraphs about objects students can hold in their hands. The strategies in this article offer suggestions to spark thinking about how to layer in multisensory instruction without losing valuable teaching time.

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"Aiming for Access" with June Behrmann

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More Highlights

Happy Holidays for Kids with LD

The holiday season is a time for family togetherness, community, and friendship when we enjoy parties and fun celebrations. However, children who struggle with social and behavioral problems can feel lonely and excluded during this happy time. This article offers a dozen ideas designed to help your child have a happy holiday and lessen stress on your family.

Teacher Tip: Put the Red Pen Away

Because of their repeated failures in school, many kids with learning disabilities are very sensitive to massive corrections of their written work. The sight of their compositions covered with red-penciled corrections, arrows, symbols, and cross outs becomes a real morale buster for these kids. LD expert Rick Lavoie offers two simple ways to make corrections, while leaving your student's composition unscathed!

Activities to Build College-Level Reading Skills

Research shows that to be on target for college and career readiness in reading by the end of eight grade, students should be able to demonstrate skill in five key skill areas. This article is full of classroom activities you can try in your middle school classroom to help kids improve reading skills up to or beyond benchmark levels.

College Planning for Students with Learning Disabilities

Educators play a critical role in helping kids with LD be ready for the academic and social challenges of college. A student's IEP should include post-secondary goals and provide support for achieving these goals. Learn more about how you can help your students find the best college match in an environment where every individual can thrive.

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Today's Artist

Miller, by Evan, age 11

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Today's First Person Essay

The Learning Brook: Lighting the Way for Others by Mary Beth Castell

When you set your mind to something and pour your heart and soul into it, anything truly is possible. My family is living proof.

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