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Instructional Grouping for Reading for Students with LD

As general education classrooms become more heterogeneous, due in part to the integration of students with LD, special and general education teachers need to use a variety of instructional techniques to meet the individual needs of their students. Get an overview of the research on grouping practices (whole class, small group, pairs, one-on-one) and what it means for your reading instruction.

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Center on Technology and Disability

Center on Technology and Disability Find a wealth of free webinars, articles, guides, training materials, and more — all about assistive technology to support students with learning disabilities.

Multisensory Homework Ideas

Class lessons that engage students’ visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic learning modes contribute to effective learning. But what about homework? In this article, you’ll find guidelines for assigning homework as well as lots of multisensory alternatives for completing the homework assignments.

Processing Speed Deficits in the Classroom

In this article from the Landmark School, you’ll find a checklist of common signs of slow processing speed as well as effective classroom strategies to help your students be successful. Reducing anxiety and slowing the pace of the classroom are key.

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"Aiming for Access" with June Behrmann

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The Communication Sandwich (and Other Ways to Strengthen Home-School Connections)

Educator and LD advocate Rick Lavoie offers his 21 best tips for teachers on how to avoid the pitfalls and keep the promise of a true partnership with parents.

Demystifying the Homework Challenge

LD expert Regina Richards talks about how to offer homework support for your child through positive, ongoing communication and establishing habits for time management and task completion.

Booklist: Different Styles, Different Children

None of us look just the same and we each have our own special interests. That's true of how we learn, too. Everyone has their own style and things that they do particularly well. As children start a new school year, it's a good time to remember there are various ways of learning, that achievements are wide-ranging, and that learning takes place at different rates. On the pages of these books, meet memorable characters with special ways of learning and dealing with school. From our sister site, ReadingRockets.org

How Music Can Make a Big Impact

This podcast explores the impact of music on kids with learning and attention issues:

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Pumpkin, by Brittany, age 10

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Today's First Person Essay

The Poet by Kim Smith

I know I shouldn’t, but occasionally I browse through the journals that hold her creative writing. I don’t do it because I’m nosy or looking for something. I do it because I stand in awe of my 12-year-old ADHD/LD daughter and what she has become.

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