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The following are recommended books for parents and educators on learning disabilities, ADHD, and other issues. This list is by no means exhaustive, but is intended to provide you with a starting point for increasing your knowledge. The links are to Amazon.com where you can find more information about each book.

This list is organized alphabetically by title. You can also see this list organized by subject.

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Job-Hunting for the So-Called Handicapped or People Who Have Disabilities

By: Richard Nelson Bolles , Dale S. Brown

Richard Bollesís What Color Is Your Parachute? has helped millions of readers find their path in life, and now his Creative Approach to Job-Hunting is brought to bear on the specific challenges faced by job hunters with disabilities. In Job-Hunting for the So-Called Handicapped, Bolles and Dale Susan Brown guide readers through the often-frustrating, but ultimately rewarding process of securing independence in their lives and personal satisfaction in their careers. The authors begin by demystifying the intricacies of the ADA, describing in clear terms what the act does and does not guarantee disabled job hunters, and then move on to job-hunting strategies tailored specifically to people with disabilities.

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