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can someone help me please

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Well when my daughter was 2 she was hospitalized for Iron Deficiency Anemia where we stayed for almost a month. And at the hospital the doctors said she would be slow. This was in 2004 and then katrina came though and they lossed all of there files .Then when she started kindergarden she had to take a tests to see where each child is at. My child was crying and crying and crying after i left the room the teacher told me i never seen a child like this before . Each year a teacher would tell me something they seen with her . she fail kindergarden but promoted her to first grade every morning waiting on the bus or at school she would throw up i’ll be called to come get her or just bring her some new uniforms. second grade still throwing up was not playing with any children at school or at groups she fail second also these teachers thought she had social anxiety disorder because she still has not played with anyone. third grade still not making any friends still throws up but it was a better year then the others . forth grade the teacher though she had autism so i took her to a counsler for like 3 1/2 months for them to tell me she dont have that but she has anxiety and anxiousness . i told her teachers that was all she fails again in the forth grade . shes very depressed i know . and for a very long time her friends was little pet shops and my little ponies. she is 12 now and she has mood swing like i can be talking to her the i ask what she wants to eat she’ll yell at me to just leave her alone. she tell me all the time she is scared of people because she thinks they going to hurt her. and no she was not sexual abused. she want sleep in her room cause she has a window in there and scared someone will get her at night. i went to her school and talk to her counsler so she could talk to some one and my child only went to her 1 time. i was so mad but what can you do. I’m just looking for someone with the same problem as me so i know what to do for her. And some advice if this sould like she has something wrong with her.

Submitted by eoffg on Fri, 06/06/2014 - 12:35 PM


Hi Aquaedenpaige2 and welcome to the forum,
I’ve just been looking at research into Iron Deficiency Anemia in infants?
Where everything that you described, fits with the symptoms of Iron Deficiency Anemia IDA.

Their has been a lot of research into IDA, as an iron deficiency is the main nutrient deficiency in infants, across the world.
Though I couldn’t find any support groups for Infantile Iron Deficiency Anemia.
Where perhaps you could create one with Yahoo Groups?

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