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cognitive disaster - adult

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Hello: This is my first post and my second attempt at trying to manage to post a message. Talk about LD !! and it’s limitations as each and every cognitive performance limitation has an element of frustration and a feeling of emptiness.
I am an acquired brain injury survivor and was working at the level of an executive when I had my accident. I am told I now read at a level of a grade 5 student !!! My greatest limitation is that of cognitive ability losses. Does anyone relate to this?
I am unable to manage money, count, understand concepts, understand time, relate time to activity, appropriately choose clothes to weather and event and the list is long.
If you have any suggestions I would very much enjoy hearing from you.
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Submitted by eoffg on Mon, 03/18/2013 - 3:11 PM


Hi Nightgale and welcome to the forum,

As a fellow acquired brain injury survivor, I can relate to your confusion. Though mine was caused by a virus, that caused random damage throughout the brain. While you note that yours was the result of an accident, so that it was most likely a physical impact. So that a certain area of your brain was impacted?
Where from what you’ve outlined, suggests that it was your Parietal lobe, on one side? Which is behind the ear.
The Parietal lobes are what we use to concieve of space and quantity.
Which is what we use to concieve of numbers, and gives them a quantity.
Though it also what gives us a sense of time.
But perhaps more importantly, it is what we use to organize our thinking.
You mentioned that you had previously been working at an executive level.
Where you might rather see the brain as a collection of different Departments.
With you as the Executive Manager.
So that your acquired brain injury, has damaged certain ‘departments’.
Where each department carries out many different activities.
But the best way to make sense of it?
Is to understand the work that the damaged dept normally does, and how it coordinates with other brain depts?
So that you can come back to the source, and see how your ‘list’ of things flow from this.
Also be able to predict potential difficulties.

So that I would suggest that the best way to make sense of your ‘difficulties’ ? Is to understand the source, and operations of that department.
Form this understanding, you can also then look at the potential to out source to other departments?

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