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Online Educational degrees – Are they of any value?

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Many online Universities are now gaining in popularity and they offer different degree programs in variety of fields, my question here is that the degrees that we get from online universities are they of any value. Do employers recognize it locally or at an international level?
I am a professional associated with a company for several years and now I am at senior management level based on my good performance but I don’t have a degree in my field of Business administration and sometime I feel little embarrassed of not having any qualification to go with my experiences. That is the reason why I am now actively looking for institutes who offer quick degrees program in business administration but apart from the online universities no other universities offer time flexibility, short degree programs. So I am more than interested in applying for this program through an online university though I am not sure about the degrees worth in this region and even have some doubts on the legitimacy of these degree.
Please advise me that how can I know whether a degree offered is fake or legitimate and please do let me know if anyone knows about a good online university that is a real deal. Your quick response will be appreciated.

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