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Physical Abuse from peer and verbal abuse from teacher

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My son diagnosed pdd and adhd currently attends a public school that apparently has a “no bullying” policy at zero tolerance. Two weeks ago my son came home and stated that his “friend” punched him in the privates. The next day I spoke to the assistant principle. while I was there she spoke to both boys telling that it was not appropriate and would not happen again. Monday, he again came home stating this same child again punched him in the privates. This time he is still hurting and has bruising. I called the Assistant Principle Monday evening and she stated she would take care of this the next day. Here it is Friday, and he still hurts. This kid is punching hard and nobody seems to notice this. My son will not tell on anyone because he really wants friends.
The other issue is that his technology is constantly calling him lazy and that he will fail. This week my son came home and stated that his teacher told him he was a spoiled little brat. The school is aware of the previous issues with this teacher and have yet to do anything.
Any advice?

Submitted by eoffg on Sat, 02/02/2013 - 11:04 AM


Hi Kate and welcome here,

If this continues, a major concern, is that you might be adding an anxiety disorder to your son’s diagnosis, as he becomes scared to go to school?
Given that he was punched so hard to leave bruising, if the bruising is still there? You could consider getting this noted by a doctor?
Then tell the assistant principle that you will consider reporting it the police, if it happens again? Which might stir them to actually do something about this bullying?

But in regard to his teacher, and given that the school is aware of the previous issues with this teacher and have yet to do anything?
Perhaps the most important thing, is to help your son to understand how ignorant his teacher is? Who would probably tell a child in a wheelchair, that they are just too lazy to walk?
Where a major impact of constantly telling a child with a Learning Disability that they are lazy and will fail? Despite trying as hard as they can?
Is that a child comes to believe this, and just gives up.
So that his teacher is setting him up to fail.

Submitted by apasquan on Thu, 02/14/2013 - 1:37 AM


I am very sorry you and your son are going through this. I would start documenting every conversation you are having with any principals. I would also ask them to sign it. This might spark more accountability on their end. I agree, that stating you may have to go to the police if it is not handled, would also start to get the attention this needs. You may also want to consider contacting anyone above the principals, especially the special education directors. There numbers should be able to be found online, if not, request the principal give you the number. I hope this helps and your son gets the respect and dignity that he deserves.

Submitted by sdavis22 on Wed, 04/10/2013 - 6:20 PM


Hello Kate, I’m sorry to hear about the verbal and physical abuse that your son experienced. Hopefully by now this problem has been dealt with and your son is getting the respect and treatment he deserves as a person and student. I am an adaptive physical education teacher and the Dean of my school. I often handle the entire bulling situations that might occur. Your child has the legal right not to be touched are punched in his private area. In your situation you could report to this matter of bulling to the authorities on terms of an assault, or forcible touching. If the administration is not responsibly addressing this problem I would suggest notify the Superintend of the district. A teacher verbally abusing students is also unacceptable and as a parent I would request for a meeting with that teacher and the administration first, to get to the bottom of that situation. If you are still not satisfied with the outcome of that meeting go beyond the administration and complain to districts supervisors or the Board of education. If that teacher is verbally abusing any student he should be disciplined accordingly.

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