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Creating an IEP and general classroom progress report

Submitted by an LD OnLine user on Tue, 04/08/2014 - 1:17 AM

I teach Kindergarten and am having a hard time conducting effective parent-teacher conferences that help them understand how their children are actually doing in regards to their IEP’s. I conduct parent-teacher conferences with our special education teacher so that she can provide information on how a child is doing in regards to the set and agreed upon goals of the IEP. It troubles me that there is such a disconnect between the general classroom expectations and the resource room work. I have had little collaboration with the SpEd (Special Education) teacher as scheduling is a big issue in our school. I usually meet with the SpEd teacher prior to the IEP briefly to go over my assessments and concerns then we meet again during the IEP to set goals as a team with parents, but then trying to meet up after is painful due to scheduling and other issues that keep coming up. I grade all my students based on the set goals through our state standards and curriculum. Parents tend to understand how their child is meeting or approaching general classroom goals, but are failing to understand how they are meeting set IEP goals do to the legal wording and lack of communication with “how or why not” their child is reaching the set IEP goals. How do you deal with these types of miscommunication situations in your schools? How can I make this better?

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