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Help, how do you get credential verification for special ed teacher

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I don’t know if a Special Ed Teacher is qualified as reading interventionist. This is a services my daughter has been tested for through a recent School Special Needs assessment. I’m not sure the Special Ed teacher who would perform services has a background in this area. I’m afraid the teacher will be performing the services only because she is the only Special Ed person in the school, not because she is qualified. I don’t know if my daughter will receive what she needs. It could be a assigned resource by default, not qualifications. But I really don’t know without knowing the teacher’s credentials. I told the school district about my concerns and that I wanted to verify the credentials of the teacher. They said they looked it up on their HR database and the teacher had the necessary credentials to be considered a highly qualified teacher.
I still feel uneasy about the answer I received. Is this all I can expect from my request? I heard a parent of a child on a IEP has the right to know the credentials of who will be performing the child’s accommodations, modifications or other services stated in the IEP. Is this true, and if so how do you get this information in a more formal form, rather than just a verbal confirmation.
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