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[b]Looking for: Teachers in Greater Vancover Area, BC[/b]

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Dear all,

I am doing a masters in Medical Anthropology (at the University of Amsterdam) and part of our year is doing our own individual (small-scale) research projects for our thesis. Being interested in the developed world and Western ‘illnesses’ as opposed to non-Western, I have opted to study ADHD in Vancouver as most of the social science research up until now has focused mainly on the US and I am interested to see how Canada compares.
In order to narrow down my research subject to something which can be studied in the period of 9 weeks I am spending in Vancouver, I am particularly interested to look at the role teachers play in diagnosing/identifying children with ADHD.

[b]I am looking to speak to teachers about their experiences with children who have ADHD, experiences with school protocols and guidelines (how to recognize and handle children with ADHD).[/b] I would also just love a chance to talk about and find out more about the role of teachers here in general. The interview/conversation wouldn’t last more than 30 minutes and I would be very grateful. It goes without saying that all information will remain confidential and names (if used) in my thesis would be change to ensure anonymity.

If you would like to help me out and chat to me about your experiences as a teacher, send me an email at [b][email protected][/b]

Thanks a lot!


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