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Ontario ( TDSB) and Spec Ed classes

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My son was diagnosed with Slow processing disorder and Rapid Automatic Naming. These effect his reading. He also has some fine motor skills issues.He will be seeing an OT starting today but only for 5 sessions( how that will solve the issues in 5 session I don’t get) He is finally being given an IEP. He is in grade 4.
I want him in a special ed class because of the small class size. When he was pulled from class and went to the resource teacher he did pretty well. I think it was because it was a small class and much quieter.
The problem is other then the 2 above disorders he is 2% below gifted. If he had that 2% we would have no problem getting him a small class, but because he isn’t and does well in maths and science the Psycologist said they may not place him in Special Ed. we will being having this meeting to decide in April. How do I convince them he needs this type of environment.
They have now changed the way they do the resource learning. The teacher comes to the class and helps in class. So from what I can gather all they are doing is tutoring him. Is this province wide now or just TDSB or just his school?
When I was in school in the 8o’s and needed resouce help I was taken out of class and given special teaching tools that helped me ( the closet thing I have found is something called Smart Tray) they are not doing this. They are using Dragon software, and teaching him to type but how is that helping him to read and write. I don’t want him to become dependant on these programs. I have asked the school about this but they never give a real answer. Has anyone else had similar problems finding out exactly what they are doing to help?

Private school or tutoring is not an option I can afford.

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