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My seven-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder over a year ago and had great difficulty with reading and writing. We took her to a Speech Therapist and Tutoring to learn Phonics. She has shown tremendous improvement and is reading and writing pretty well and almost at grade level.

I have noticed that she still has difficulty during reading and writing with mixing up b & d as well as m & n. She also continually starts writing sentences in the middle of the page, writes really big at the beginning of a sentence and toward the end of the page the letters get smaller and smaller. Two months ago when re-tested, her Auditory Processing skills were improved to a normal level.

What do you make of the writing problem, it is constant and her teachers and I have to work with her one on one to ensure she starts each row on the left side. Could this be a form of dyslexia? What kind of specialist tests for something like this? Please help. Thank you very much.

Your daughter has a language-based learning disability. This means that she has difficulty using phonics when she reads and writes. Often, children with these problems also have difficulties in visual and motor skills as well. They have all of the problems with writing that you note. The label does not change. But, there is a need to expand the help beyond phonics-based tutoring. Speak with the person/team working with your daughter for advise on what more to do.

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