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Can the responsibility for a child’s education be shared between homeschooling and public schooling?

I don’t know where to submit a question, and I haven’t seen this on your website. Can modified school hours be incorporated into an IEP in the state of Georgia? If not, are there states that have allowed this?

I would like to see a happy medium between straight public school and home school/virtual academy. My daughter needs more one-on-one time; yet I am not allowed to provide that during school hours when her mind is most fresh. Part-time school or early release would be desirable. Thank you.


Dear Juanita,

Your question addresses whether your child can have a modified/part-day schedule in Georgia. I can not respond in relation to Georgia. In fact, the rules on this vary from state to state.

Some states are very supportive of children attending the public school for part of the day and home-schooling for part of the day. Other states prohibit this option unless it is recommended specifically by the IEP team. You will need to check your state’s rules to determine what is permitted.

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