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Our school is focusing on inclusion and individualizing instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners. We’d like to apply this same thinking to our arts programs.

Are there resources available about making the arts more inclusive for all? Are there technology tools that we could integrate into our arts curriculum?

The arts, whether as part of a separate program or integrated into your content area lessons, can offer a variety of benefits for diverse learners. Research has shown both academic and social benefits for students with disabilities and students who are at risk; integrating the arts and technology into your teaching can help differentiate instruction and provide more individualized learning for students with diverse learning needs.

You may want to check out Art Partners(opens in a new window) offers sample lesson plans and units(opens in a new window) on their website.

Technology tools can also play an important role in making your arts programs more accessible. Many art museums feature virtual field trips, allowing your students to view important exhibits from around the world. Software programs that allow students to draw and paint, animate, manipulate images, and create music(opens in a new window) are becoming more readily available and can provide a way for students with a variety of learning needs to interact with content and express knowledge.

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