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My son has recently been diagnosed with Executive Frontal Dysfunction. In the past everyone has said ADHD, but I knew that was not accurate.

Recently met with the IEP team and the school is not familiar with Executive Frontal. Can you please tell me how I can assure that my sons needs are being met on the IEP and that it is reflected in the classroom and not just on a piece of paper.

Organization and Executive Function difficulties can be caused by a Learning Disability, by ADHD, or by both. It is important to clarify which is the problem.

Should the behaviors be secondary to ADHD, medication will help. If due to LD, special education interventions will help. If due to both, medication and special education will be needed. So, work with an educational professional to clarify which is the problem. Based on the results, see your family doctor and/or request that the school professionals assess for services.

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