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When a student needs a quiet work area because of their ADD, do they have a right to get it?

I am a student at a local tech school. My GPA is a 3.55. I have ADHD and a reading disorder. I have a problem getting my work done in class. I was reading something on another Web site saying that a good accommodation for people with ADHD is a quiet work area. Unfortunately, I am not given that at my school. I have approached my teacher many times regarding this issue, but he claims he is unable to help. My previous teacher was accommodating to my disability.

Do I have the right to have a quiet classroom to get my work done? Also, I found out the teacher was taking points off because I was unable to finish my class work in a timely manner and I explained it was due to the many distractions. He basically told me it will only get worse in the work force. Please help!


Dear Lisa:

If your school is part of a public elementary or secondary education system, either directly or by contract, they are governed by both the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, both of which provide protections in relation to accommodations for students the school has found eligible for the protections and services of those laws.

If your school is a private school or post-high school program, it may be governed by the Americans with Disabilities Act or Section 504 or both. In each case, if a student can demonstrate, with clinical evaluations, that they have a disability and that the disability substantially interferes with their functioning, they may be eligible for reasonable accommodations. You should check to see if the school has a disability services office or a disability policy, which should explain the procedure for accessing accommodations.

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