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I am a 17-year-old girl who has been diagnosed with ADHD and a type of LD. I have had my license since August of 2005. Since then (not including the minor bumps against the garage), I’ve had two severe car accidents resulting in totaling both cars. The first one was inexperience, but the second one was failure to pay attention and my reaction time.

My parents are restricting my driving right now but they don’t want to take it away because they don’t want me to lose my freedom. Do you know of any tips or books for teenagers living with ADHD and driving?


You are wise to ask for help.

Start by learning what type of LD you have. Hopefully your parents or a school professional will know. You need to find out if this disability might be contributing to your problem. For example, if you have visual-spatial or visual-motor difficulties, you might have trouble judging distance, closeness.

Then, clarify in what ways you have ADHD. Are you hyperactive? Are you inattentive and easily distracted? Are you impulsive? If you are any or all of these, it would be important that you be on the proper medication when you drive. This medication would reduce or stop such behaviors.

Now, to be more practical. Ask your parents to check with the driving schools in your area. Ask if any program has a teacher that works well with students who have ADHD or Learning Disabilities. Even though you already have a license, it would be helpful to take more practice lessons with someone who understands and who can give you practical advice.

Good Luck.

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