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We are trying to decide which therapy would be better for our daughter who has been diagnosed with a mild case of ADHD and a possible auditory processing deficit. We are currently considering the NILD Discovery program or neurofeedback. We cannot find information comparing the two.

Thank you so much for replying.


First, and most important is that the diagnoses are correct and that other possible causes for the problems have not been missed. Has she had formal psycho-educational testing? Has she been diagnosed with ADHD by a professional who uses the criteria required to make this diagnosis? Please do not jump into any type of treatment until you know what it is that you are treating.

For ADHD, medication is the treatment that works best. For auditory processing problems or learning disabilities, speech-language or special education therapy works best.

Don’t spend your money and your daughter’s time on NILD Discovery or neurofeedback as an initial step. Neither has been documented as being effective treatments for ADHD or for auditory processing problems.

If you want more information on evaluation, diagnosis, treatments, you might want to read the book, The Misunderstood Child.

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