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Hello! My name is Rebecca Phipps, and I’m 14 years old, almost 15. I recently got accepted into this awesome new high school, West Florida. It’s a difficult new school, and most people would just die to go there. I’ve always had a little bit of ADD, but because of the new stresses and other components, it’s gotten worse. It’s really embarrassing when I am talking to the teacher and I randomly forget what I was talking about.

My mom knows about this, and my brother has ADHD. I talked to my older sister about it and I tell her a lot of things I don’t tell mom. The other day we were talking about my situation, and I want to talk to my doctor about getting the medicine for it. I figured there’s not very much to lose. I was wondering if you had any suggestions about opening up a conversation with my mom about really considering talking to my pediatrician. Could you please help?

Thank you for trying to understand yourself. Yes, please talk to your mother. Explain what you describe above. Ask her to set up a consultation with your family doctor. When you have this appointment, list your observations and your concerns. Best of success.

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