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My son is on Concerta for his ADHD, but still struggles with multi-tasking and is falling behind in class. What is causing this?

I have a 9-year-old son in the third grade. He has ADHD and is on Concerta. The meds definitely help calm him down so he can focus more at school.

Academically, he is very smart but he constantly needs help from the teacher or a student to keep up with the class. According to his teacher, he is always many steps behind the rest of the kids in class. He does not do well with multi-tasking and this often causes him to fall behind. And he’s very slow at finishing every assignment.

At the same time, his teacher says that he is the hardest working person in the classroom and he’ll keeping working until it’s done. He does no goofing off whatsoever. Any idea what might be causing this? Could it be the meds he’s on?

About 50% of children with ADHD also have learning disabilities. It sounds as if your son might have both. Discuss this concern with his school professionals and ask that they evaluate for this possibility.

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