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I have a son who’s 12 years old now. He has moderate LD mainly in visual processing, working memory, and expressive language. If he has no ADHD, should I still consider medication? He will start his middle school next week. In elementary school, he was pulled out for 45 minutes a day each week. Now, he will go to special education class for his language arts and social class.

I don’t know whether it is good idea to place him in non-mainstream classes. Would this destroy his self-esteem? Should I insist on putting him in the regular class (though only push-in service will be provided)?

If your son does not have ADHD, he should not be considered for an ADHD medication. I cannot answer your questions on placement in middle school without knowing more details. You should be meeting with the special education (IEP) team to discuss what he will need for middle school. Has this happened yet? If you are unsure of the recommendations made by your school, seek a private consultant who can help you decide what is best for your son.

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