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I have a question concerning the NYS Teacher’s Certification Exam. I am an adult with a learning disability and I am struggling to pass these exams. Do you have any helpful hints or ideas that I might be able to try?

I am not a test-taker and often “flip out.” Part of me doesn’t know if it’s my learning disability or test anxiety.


Under the American’s with Disabilities Act, if someone has a documented disability, any testing program must provide the appropriate accommodations.

If you have Learning Disabilities, you will need current test data to document this. You will also need to have a professional define how your specific disabilities will interfere with the specific material and style of questions in the exam. Only with this data can you request the accommodation of extended time.

If you have an anxiety disorder that flairs up in test situations, you need to discuss this with a physician who can prescribe medication to use prior to taking the test.

So, go to the website for the exam, click under accommodations, click under your disability, and download the requirements to request accommodations. Then, try to address this list.

If everything fails, you will need to do practice exams until you are dizzy. You must learn to be efficient with the types of questions and types of problems you will be asked to know.

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