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My son is 19, and has been diagnosed as ADHD/LD when he was in Kindergarten. Over the years he has taken Ritalin, Adderall, and many others, nothing really helped. His neurologist said that the learning disabilities were outweighing his ADHD and that’s why the medication hasn’t helped. His math disability is the worst, he never could retain much of the basic math facts they learn in grade school.

I feel that he was pushed through school, just to get him out, not learning much along the way. Now that he is one year out of school, he can’t go to college because he can’t pass the entrance tests, and cannot get a job as every job requires taking some kind of test, experience, certification, or schooling.

He is getting very depressed because he can’t find a job. I feel lost because I have tried everything to help him find one and to help him cope with all the other things that go along with ADHD. Should he see another doctor?


Your story is sad to hear. It would be important at this time to have your son evaluated. He needs a psycho-educational evaluation. These studies will clarify if he has learning disabilities and, if so, what help he needs. The results will also be part of reassessing if he still has ADHD and if it should be treated.

All is not over. Most community colleges will accept students like your son. The initial courses might be remedial, getting him ready to take college-level courses. There are also vocational training programs designed to help students like your son. Good luck.

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