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In second grade, my son was held over and got his first private Ed Evaluation at SUNY, which diagnosed him as dyslexic. He had a resource room and vision training at SUNY. His behavior and verbal ability was better than average, but his reading and math especially continued to plummet as the work advanced. He struggled through an alternative high school, attended N.Y. Film Academy and excelled. He did internships for a few years which did not lead to steady employment.

His academic struggles have negatively impacted his life. Currently, he is a substitute paraprofessional in the day and a substitute janitor for the Board of Education of New York. He loves children and would love to teach; he has 15 credits from KCC, but failed the CUNY Assessments in Math and English. He has friends and socializes, but it’s hard to get into a serious relationship when you cannot realize your full career potential because you don’t have the tools to succeed in college.

He is now 27 years old and, unless something changes for him, he’ll have to settle for a mediocre “job.” Even civil service tests are a challenge for him. He scored a 70% on a Transit Authority Painters Test. Help! The system has failed him and countless others.

Yes, the system has failed him. I agree that something must be done now. Find a professional who understands LD in adults. An updated assessment will help to clarify if specific interventions might help at this time as well as whether better compensatory strategies can be developed. This assessment will also help to clarify what career/job potentials he might have and what types of training might be needed.

There are programs to help adults like your son and laws (American’s with Disabilities Act) to help in the work situation. Perhaps you could contact the programs that assessed him as a teen and find out where you could go to get help for an adult with LD.

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