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I have been diagnosed with adult attention deficit. I am currently taking Concerta. Where can I take a diagnostic test? Is it a formal test in which I can take so I can seek professional help? I just retired from the military and I would like to be able to go to college and able to really learn and not only pass a test.

I am getting ready to go to college this fall and I am assuming they would like some type of formal evaluation, test type documentation. The more a read about ADHD the more I see myself back in my early age.

Thank you,

The formal criteria for diagnosing someone of any age with ADHD is in a diagnostic manual called the DSM-IV.

The first step is to confirm the presence of hyperactivity and/or inattention and/or impulsivity. Then, it is necessary to show that these behaviors have been present since childhood (chronic) and that they exist in many aspects of your life (pervasive).

Finally, it must be clear that there are no other disorders that might explain the problems. A physician makes the diagnosis. Check around to find out which physicians, often psychiatrist, are knowledgeable about ADHD.

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