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I am a LD student about to enter ninth grade. I am dysgraphic and have fine motor skills difficulties. My school is wonderful about accommodations and such but I have encountered some difficulties with math.

Math was always my strong subject in elementary school. I was found to be gifted with an IQ of 138 and attended honors classes for math, science, and social studies in middle school. I did well in sixth grade but had difficulties in seventh. In eighth grade, I had tremendous difficulties and am going to repeat Algebra I, which I took a year early.

I wonder if my poor understanding has more to do with my inability to listen and take good notes during class or just because I’m not a good student or just bad at Algebra. If it is the first reason do you feel it is fair for me to repeat the class and if not what would think would be the best route for me to take?


I complement you on your understanding of your learning disabilities. Great for you. Your ideas are good ones.

First, sit down with a learning disabilities specialist at your school or talk with the private professional that might have tested you. This person should be able to offer specific suggestions. If this is not possible, see if your family will get you a math tutor. The tutor can teach you in the way you learn best and can help you develop strategies to succeed.

Good luck. If these ideas don’t work, e-mail me again.

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